Butterfly Emerging Themes Conference

April 28 – 29, 2022

UCLA Luskin Conference Center

Los Angeles, CA

We are thrilled to be partnering with the UCLA Luskin Conference Center for a live two-day event, “Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health,” on April 28-29, 2022. 

Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health will provide a platform for mental health leaders and clinicians to discuss and exchange evidence-based best practices on the most relevant mental health topics impacting our society today.

We’re proud to provide clinicians with the opportunity to attend content-rich workshops that are research-based and are contextually forward-thinking. Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health will be a launching pad to initiating dialogue on innovative, clinical, research-based knowledge, and we are excited to have gathered a group of dynamic leaders in the field of behavioral healthcare to spark the conversation.

Present Your Emerging Idea in Mental Health 

Showcase Your Breakthrough In Mental Health

MC Jordan Young

This session will feature four mini presentations focusing on various aspects of mental health treatment. These sessions will be pre-selected through completion of the following: (insert speaker form).

Topics eligible for selection include the following:

New therapeutic approaches for specific mental health disorders or specific demographics struggling with mental health disorders
Training programs for therapeutic approaches specific to mental health disorders
New research findings and explanations for effective treatment of mental health disorders
Effective and ethical marketing practices for mental health
Best practices in retaining your staff mental health professionals
Best practices in admissions for clients with mental health disorders
Effective billing practices for mental health disorders using ICD-11
Other clinical topics focused on the treatment of mental health disorders

If selected, you will receive one free conference pass.


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A Woman’s’ Right to Recover

A Woman’s’ Right to Recover

In Celebrating Women's History Month 2022, we decided to take a look at the herstory of women in Recovery. We have come a long way, and we still have further to go. Together we can break the stigma. Mental Health and Recovery go hand in hand. The label of “bad mother”...

A Look into Behavioral Healthcare Conferences in 2022

A Look into Behavioral Healthcare Conferences in 2022

https://youtu.be/ds0ri3NRi34 Discover U Podcast: A Look into Behavioral Healthcare Conferences in 2022 and Beyond with Jordan Young and Renee Baribeau Host, JD Kalmenson interviews Jordan Young and Renee Baribeau about the new Conference they are launching this April...

Our Vison for Emerging Themes

Our Vision

A fresh, innovative approach to behavioral healthcare treatment and recovery, incorporating cutting-edge therapies and interventions.  We view success not only in the prism of crisis intervention, but rather in the larger context of happiness and prosperity.

Live Conference

— an in-person experience at our live event in the heart of the UCLA campus

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