4th Annual Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health

Reclaiming Your Mental Health:

Integrated & Holistic Approaches

April 30- May 2, 2025

UCLA Luskin Conference Center, Los Angeles


The 4th Annual Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health Conference, themed “Reclaiming Your Mental Health: Integrated & Holistic Approaches,” is an essential gathering for professionals and individuals seeking innovative strategies in mental health care. Scheduled to unfold in a collaborative and inspiring environment, this conference aims to empower participants by focusing on holistic and integrated methods to mental health treatment and wellness.

As mental health issues continue to rise globally, this year’s conference is more pertinent than ever. It promises to not only educate attendees on the latest in mental health care but also to transform their approach to wellness both professionally and personally. The event will feature a diverse lineup of expert speakers, provoking workshops, and interactive sessions designed to provide attendees with practical skills and new perspectives.


Past Speakers

Dr. Paula Stone Williams

Internationally-known speaker on issues of gender equity, LGBTQ advocacy, and religious tolerance.  She has been featured in TEDWomenthe New York Times, Red Table Talk,  the Washington Post, & Good Morning America.

Christy Gibson, MD

Dr. Christine Gibson is a family physician, trauma therapist, and author of The Modern Trauma Toolkit (with Hachette Go). She’s also on social media as TikTokTraumaDoc with >130k followers on TikTok.


Dr. Alfiee

Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble is a pioneering psychologist, scientist, mental health correspondent, author, speaker, and founder of the innovative mental health nonprofit dedicate to Youth of Color mental health, The AAKOMA Project.

Gita Viad, MD

Dr. Gita Vaid is a board certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who specializes in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Joe Tafur, MD

Dr. Joe Tafur, MD is an integrative Family Physician, curandero, author and speaker. His acclaimed book, The Fellowship of the River.

Karol Darsa Psy.D

Licensed psychologist and the founder and executive director of Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Center. Dr. Darsa co-created the Invisible War Recovery Program,

Kevin Hines

Kevin Hines is an American suicide prevention speaker who attempted suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge

Marc Brackett, PhD

Founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and professor in the Child Study Center,

Timothy Fong, MD

Dr. Fong is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA

Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD

Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD, leading expert on eating disorder treatment and founded 5 distinct treatment programs, including Galen Hope.

Gail Wyatt, PhD

Clinical Psychologist,  Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at The Semel Institute for Neuroscience.

Nolan Williams, MD

Assistant Professor within the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Director of the Stanford Brain Stimulation Lab.

Highlights from 2024

Press play and embark with us on this enlightening journey as we revisit some key highlights from the “Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health” conference. Held at the heart of UCLA in the prestigious Luskin Conference Center, this conference brought illuminating insights into the cutting-edge developments in Behavioral Health. Join us as we look back at these remarkable moments.


Why you should Join Our Event

This conference is an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and advocates who are dedicated to pioneering advancements and reclaiming the power over personal health. It is a chance to be part of a movement towards greater autonomy, better informed health choices, and holistic healing practices, setting the stage for a future where mental health is managed with compassion, understanding, and integrated care.


Sponsors come back year after year, claiming this is the “best” venue yet for connecting with community.

Have Fun

How you transform the landscape of behavioral health through experiential learning, fun, and creating spaces where fun flourishes and connections thrive.

Great Speakers

This conference attracts world-class speakers including NY Times Best-selling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence director, Marc Brackett, Kevin Hines, and UCLA professors.

Showcase Your Business

Entering its dynamic third year, our conference is flourishing, attracting esteemed industry leaders nationwide. Seize this invaluable opportunity to network and share about your business with fellow treatment professionals. Don’t miss this chance to connect with pioneers in the field and drive your business forward.

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This conference promises to be an educational and transformative experience that will leave a lasting impact on both your professional growth and personal well-being.

Our theme for this year’s conference is “Open to Hope Again,” a powerful concept that resonates deeply with the challenges and triumphs we have collectively faced. We believe that it is time to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead, and together, forge a path towards renewed hope, innovation, and healing.

At Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health, we aim to inspire and invigorate your passion for the field through a captivating blend of knowledge, experience, and exploration. Our conference is designed not only to provide clinicians with valuable Continuing Education (CE) credits, but also to foster experiential learning, creating a space where ideas flourish and connections thrive.

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Open to Hope Again

We are transforming the landscape of behavioral health through experiential learning, and creating spaces where fun flourishes and connections thrive.


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