Discover U Podcast: A Look into Behavioral Healthcare Conferences in 2022 and Beyond with Jordan Young and Renee Baribeau Host, JD Kalmenson interviews Jordan Young and Renee Baribeau about the new Conference they are launching this April 2022 called “Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health.”

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An exciting new West Coast Behavioral Health Conference is coming to Los Angeles this April April 28th- 29th! Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health offers a stellar line up of clinicians and researchers sharing the most current, cutting-edge knowledge on pressing issues in mental health. A world class panel on Treatment Resistant Depression will share their knowledge about promising new technologies like TMS, and alternative treatment options like Ketamine, Psilocybin and Cannabis. Keep up to date on the latest thinking in treating topics like eating disorders, non-traditional relationships, and suicide prevention.

In 2010, Jordan Young’s personal recovery and desire to help others pushed him away from corporate B2B sales and towards behavioral healthcare. He began his career in an admissions role at the corporate headquarters of one of the industry’s most respected companies. In that role, he worked with over 4,000 patients and their families to coordinate treatment with hundreds of treatment centers around the country and facilitate intervention services. Jordan’s aspirations to make a bigger impact on behavioral healthcare led to the creation of Jordan and Associates Consulting in 2018, whose purpose is to leverage the experience, education and thousands of connections made in the industry to help treatment centers overcome obstacles blocking their path to success. Jordan’s core values are shaped by his relationship with God, his family, and his recovery. He is an avid sports fan and the only job that could pull him away from behavioral healthcare is when the Tennessee Titans call to name him their head coach.

Renee Baribeau is an author, podcaster, teacher, speaker, and executive who has a strong background in marketing in the behavioral health industry for over 10 years. In her current role at Montare Behavioral Health, she oversees the marketing department and is a key partner in developing strategic initiatives to continually expand outreach to potential partners, clinicians, alumni, and prospective clients. In addition to managing her creative team, Renee oversees communication between clinical staff, the business development team, and the founders. She is the originator of the first major West Coast Behavioral Health Conference, Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health, happening this April at UCLA.

Prior to this role, Renee worked as Director of Business Development and Alumni Director for Michael’s House. While there, she founded the Finding Freedom Symposium, a Behavioral Health Conference for the LGBTQ community, now in its 8th year. Renee is a Nautilus Gold Award Winning Hay House Author for her book, Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine.

Host Kalmenson is the CEO/Founder of Renewal Health Group, a family of addiction treatment centers, and Montare Behavioral Health, a comprehensive brand of mental health treatment facilities in Southern California. Learn More about Montare Behavioral Health: https://montarebehavioralhealth.com/a… Kalmenson is a Yale Chabad Scholar, a skilled facilitator, teacher, counselor, and speaker, who has provided chaplain services to prisons, local groups and remote villages throughout the world. His diverse experience as a rabbi, chaplain, and CEO has inspired his passion and deep understanding of the necessity for effective mental health treatment and long-term sobriety.

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