Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health: Integrating Spirituality into Your Treatment Plan Dr Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD, FAED, CEDS; Sheenie Ambardar, M.D; JD Kalmenson; Lauren Costine, PhD

Effective treatment addresses the body, mind, and spirit. Studies indicate that patients desire spiritually integrated care, yet there is a gap in skills and in spiritual care competencies, which has led to spiritual needs often remaining unmet in treatment setting. In this session, attendees will examine the role of spirituality in psychological treatment, how the task of finding meaning and purpose impacts healing, and the observable physiological changes in the brain from various spiritual modalities. Presenters in this session will provide reflections based on the latest research as well as interactions with patients. Case examples and assessment tools will be used to illustrate the importance of providing spiritually sensitive and effective care

Learning Objectives:
Examine the role of spirituality in treatment.
Explain how beliefs and practices are linked to wellbeing.
Discuss how finding meaning and purpose impacts healing.
Identify positive physiological processes influenced by spiritual practices.

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