Every outstanding conference takes root in an idea, a spark that ignited in the minds of Montare Behavioral Health’s founders, JD Kalmenson and Elliott Liebhard. Their vision was about more than just orchestrating an event; it was about fostering a movement centered on emerging themes in behavioral health, an arena brimming with transformative potential. 

In the aftermath of COVID-19, our leaders saw an opportunity. They pondered, “Why not establish a top-tier, in-person event inviting clinicians to reconnect with the passion that got them into this work, learn about cutting edge developments, and envision a new landscape for behavioral health?” That question marked the inception of our expedition.

The Impetus Behind the Idea: Building a Dynamic Team

Realizing an idea of this magnitude demands more than vision; it requires drive. Enter Renee Baribeau, our Conference Chair, and her team of seasoned professionals, all committed to crafting an unparalleled conference experience. Each team member brings a unique set of skills, bound by the common goal of surpassing expectations and delivering an unparalleled conference experience. Our compact conference team comprises Genesis Anguiano, Operations Coordinator; Julia Arias De Liban, Social Media Manager; Artlette Capel, Print Designer; Renee Sievert, RN, MFT, CE Oversight; Robert Ischinger, LMFT, Registration Coordinator; Tyler Hood, Media Manager; and the Montare/Renewal BH Business Development Team. The entire team at Montare and Renewal Health Group is hands-on throughout the event.

The Pursuit of Excellence in Presentations

We collaborate with CE-GO and Amedco, ensuring our presentations are not only accredited but also genuinely impactful. Our process commences with reviewing previous feedback, guiding our topic selection and aiding in the development of a compelling program.

Engaging with Cutting-edge Speakers

At the heart of our conference are our speakers, the trailblazers who redefine boundaries in their fields. They breathe life into our theme, Open to Hope Again, infusing new perspectives and optimism into the narrative of behavioral health.

Forging Partnerships: The Vital Role of Sponsors

Our sponsors form the foundation of our mission. Their commitment empowers us to envision a grander dream, extend our reach, and profoundly impact lives. UCLA faculty from various academic departments have embraced this conference and consistently support it through their ongoing participation, as it is held at UCLA’s Luskin Conference Center.

Open to Hope Again: Embracing This Year’s Theme

Open to Hope Again transcends a mere catchphrase; it embodies resilience, revival, and hope. It originated from our 2023 conference, where C-suite executives and the Brothers Koren crafted a song that inspires us to believe that the future of behavioral health can be a bright one.

How the Theme Shapes the Conference

Envision a conference where hope permeates every aspect — from speaker selection to the overarching ambiance. Open to Hope Againis our rallying cry to transcend today’s hurdles and envision a future where behavioral health can help us heal, unite, and tap into our greatest potential as individuals and as a society.

As we anticipate this year’s conference, we reflect on our storied legacy — each year building upon the last, with our collective efforts forging a lasting impact.

Looking Forward to the Conference

The excitement is palpable. Every detail, each session, is meticulously orchestrated to inspire.  Open to Hope Again is our pledge to all participants — a promise of an experience that’s bound to be memorable.

The Future is Bright

Approaching our next conference on April 17-19, 2024, we are reminded of the journey’s inception — a vision powered by determination and collaboration. The future holds promise not just for our growing conference but for the entire field of behavioral health. Together, we are constructing an extraordinary legacy, and we extend an invitation to you to be a part of this journey of hope, learning, and discovery.

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